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Here is a list of training that as a posse member, you will go through. There are varying levels of training, and as a Posse Member we highly recommend that you take advantage of this excellent resource. In addition, each respective posse may require additional training such as mandatory attendance to the Search and Rescue Academy.


Many of the classes listed here may actually be considered a pre-requisite for actually doing anything in the posse. For example, a posseman cannot go on duty or use a computer before taking the Terminal Operator Certification, despite the fact that it it not listed in the official Basic, Intermediate, or Qualified Armed training requirements. 

The standard rule is: If you have not been trained in it, you should not do it. Without the proper training, taking any action can make yourself personally liable for those actions, and the Sheriffs Office may not back you on them. 

Training Costs

Training is provided by the Sheriffs Office at no cost to you. You will, however, be required to purchase any materials or equipment that may be required for the course. (For example, while the firearms academy is taught to you for free, you must obviously have your own firearm, it will not be provided). At this point in time, the only materials the Sheriff's Office provides are: training manuals and documents and taser cartridges. Currently ammunition is not provided and you will need to have your own ammunition for training. Furthermore, as of this time, duty rounds are no longer issued either. 

Training Course

Please note that all Jeep Posse members are required to complete all the following training through Qualified Armed Posse (QAP).

Basic Posse Training​​

Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment/Bias Free Policing                                                            
Posse Fundimentals
E-Learning - Ethics

E-Policy - Critical policy
E-Learning GJ-27
E-Learning PREA

Intermediate Posse Training

Traffic Control A&B
Prisoner Transport /Search

Radio Use
Defensive Tactics (includes the following):

Use of Force
Defensive Tactics
Mechanical Restraints
Chemical Agents OC
Taser (optional course)

Qualified Armed Posse Training

Use of Force/QAP Orientation
Weapons Retention 
QAP Academy
Expandable Baton

Mandatory / Recurring Training

State Search and Rescue Academy (SAR) 
National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) 
First Aid / CPR 
Terminal Operator Certification (TOC) 
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 
Taser Recertification 8 Hours Yearly
Judgemental Use of Force (MILO) 
Firearms Requalification (MOD) 

Supplemental, Optional Training*

Defensive Driving
General Instructor School
Gang Identification
Inmate Classifications
Rifle Skills (QAP Only) 
Crime Scene Management (Advanced Posse)
Building Clearing (QAP Only)
Patrol Assistance (QAP Only) 
Baton (QAP Only) 
Report Writing 

*These courses are extra-curricular, and are may not be offered on a regular basis.der. 

Course Hours

20 Hours
8 Hours
1 Hour
1 Hour
1 Hour
1 Hour

8 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours
12 Hours
8 Hours
4 Hours
​8 Hours

4 Hours
4 Hours
60 Hours
​4 Hours


16 Hours taken once
4 Hours taken once
8 Hours every 2 years
2 Hours every 2 years
1 Hour yearly
8 hours yearly
1 Hour yearly
1 Hour yearly

4 Hours
40 Hours
3 Hours
3 Hours
8 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours
​4 Hours

All posse members must complete all of the above listed classes before advancing to intermediate training courses.
All posse members must complete all of the above listed classes before advancing to QAP training courses.
Course Descriptions

TRAFFIC CONTROL: This course will cover techniques and equipment used by uniformed Sheriff's Office Posse Personnel for the purpose of traffic direction control. A written and proficiency exam will be administered. Please ensure that the posse members is in possession of a police style whistle prior to attending this class. 

CPR / FIRST AID: This course is designed to certify the new Posse member in the use of standardized American Heart Association CPR and First Aid techniques as well as the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). OSHA standards and guidelines will also be presented. A written and proficiency exam will be administered. 

PRISONER TRANSPORT/SEARCH: This course will cover the procedures for transporting prisoners/inmates to various locations. 

RADIO USE This course will cover proper radio etiquette when logging on to the MCSO radio system, clearing the Communications Center and expand on the district dividers for patrol. This course will also familiarize the student with log on/off procedures, radio codes and operation, and emergency radio procedures. 

This course will cover the use of the computerized booking system and the proper method for searching both male and female prisoners. 

DEFENSIVE TACTICS: Students enrolled in this course will learn strikes, control holds, and takedowns that are authorized for uniformed Posse personnel. Use of force, liability issues, and other related topics will be discussed. 

MECHANICAL RESTRAINTS: Successful completion of this course will certify the Posse member in the use of handcuffs currently authorized by the Office. Topics will include Policy and liability issues, maintenance, nomenclature, application and removal techniques. 

CHEMICAL AGENTS: This course will cover the use, effects, and decontamination for the defensive spray currently authorized by the Sheriff�s Office. Use of force, liability issues, as well as a history of chemical agents will be discussed. A written and practical exam will be administered. 

ELECTRONIC RESTRAINT DEVICES (TASER): This course will certify the student in the use of the Taser. Topics will include operation, maintenance and use of force issues. Students must bring a Taser and holster which can be attached to a trouser or duty belt to class. A written and practical exam will be administered. Posse Members wanting to enroll in this course must first complete Advanced Posse Training. 

USE OF FORCE: This course will cover the Use of Force policy and legal issues for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. 

WEAPONS RETENTION: This course will cover various handgun retention and disarming techniques that are currently authorized for use by uniformed Posse members. Use of force, liability, and officer safety issues will also be discussed. 

QAP ACADEMY: Topics covered in this course will include the manipulation, use, care, and maintenance of the recruit's service handgun. Marksmanship with both the service handgun and Office owned shotgun will be discussed and practiced. Students will be introduced to night shooting techniques, reloads and malfunctions, and various shooting positions. The judicial use of deadly force, liability issues, mental conditioning and tactics will also be covered. Written and proficiency exams will be administered. 

JUDGEMENTAL USE OF FORCE (MILO): The MILO system will test the student's knowledge in the proper decision making and correct selection and utilization of force, as well as the ability to properly justify the selected course of action. 

DEFENSIVE DRIVING: This course is designed to provide the employee with the opportunity to address their decision making skills while operating a county vehicle. The class will utilize class discussion along with driving time in the simulator. While driving in the simulator students will need to demonstrate proper driving and collision avoidance techniques as discussed in class, such as lane position, speed and braking control, turning positions, and maneuvering around obstacles they may encounter. 

OSHA: This recertification involves the viewing of a thirty minute video followed by a brief question and answer period. This recertification is required every year. 

CRIME SCENE MANAGEMENT: This course is designed to provide information to posse members on what step are to be taken to help maintain the integrity of a crimes scene and prevent the destruction of any evidence. This course is only open to Advance and QAP posse members. 

BUILDING CLEARING: this course is designed to give QAP members a better understanding of proper clearing techniques to help aid in the assistance of our patrol deputies out in the field. This course is only open to QAP posse members who have at least completed the previous year's mandatory training to include firearms qualifications. 

REPORT WRITING: This course is designed to provide posse members with the knowledge and understanding of the elements required when authoring a police report. Posse members assist deputies in many avenues and must be able to and be prepared to submit written documentation when involved in any type of situation.